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Add some winter fun to your Aurora package! We offer a variety of fantastic Yukon experiences.
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Aurora Hunting


A nice little twist on the "classic" Aurora viewing.
Aurora Hunting is definitely the more private approach and a true Yukon wilderness experience.
The Aurora Hunt starts at the hotel in Whitehorse, where you'll board our Aurora van. Then we head to various viewpoints. Your guide will have checked the weather forecast and  determines where to go; where the skies are clear, etc. Once you've arrived at a good spot, the guide will start a campfire (depends on season), so you can roast some marshmallows and have a hot chocolate under the Northern Lights.

Package includes:

  • Pick up from all down-town hotels, hostels and B&Bs;
  • Transfer per van;
  • Experienced & dedicated guide;
  • Snacks and hot drinks.
  • Min. group size: 4

Price:  $175 per person.

From December 4 2018 to March 31 2019

NEW! Private Aurora Hunting

Exclusive for your group of friends / family. Or for just the two of you.
Join Nature Tours of Yukon and experience the exciting hunt for the Northern Lights. We drive to the best locations to maximize your chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis and capture that perfect photo.
(Minimum 2 participants).

Package includes:

  • Pick up from all down-town hotels, hostels and B&Bs;
  • Transfer per van;
  • Experienced & dedicated guide;
  • Snacks and hot it!

Price: $350.00 + GST per person (for 2 guests; special rates for a larger group may apply)

From December 4 2018 to March 31 2019

Basic Aurora Borealis Viewingauroraborealis yukon - Northern Lights viewing whitehorse

Aurora Borealis viewing at a heated wall tent / cabin.
Experience a real Yukon winter night under the star filled sky. Although it is said that the Aurora does not make a noise; we think it does, if one just listens close enough...... A dazzling and amazing experience that creates memories that last a lifetime.

Package includes:

  • Transfer to viewing facility from down-town hotels, hostels and B& it!
  • Snacks and hot drinks.
  • Photographic tuition (if required).

Price $125.00 + GST per person. (group rates are available)

From August 26 2018 to April 15 2019

Wildlife Preserve and Takhini Hot Springs
yukon wildlife preserve
Great opportunities to view and photograph wildlife in its natural habitat: Linx, Arctic Fox, Dall Sheep, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Deer, Elk, Woodland Caribou, Wood Bison, Musk-Ox and Moose may be seen, usually up close!
After a visiting the Wildlife Preserve, a very short drive to Takhini Hot Springs. Relax in the hot water pool and enjoy the winter landscape. Coffee shop and desserts available at the hot springs (not included).

book thisPackage includes:

  • Pick-up / drop-off from down-town hotels.
  • Guided tour of Yukon Wildlife Preserve.
  • Admission to Takhini Hot Springs.

Price $ 99.00 + GST per person.

Jingle all the way-snow day.sleigh ride yukon

You start the day with a horse drawn sleigh ride, including a nice cup of hot chocolate. A truly northern experience and not just for the holidays!
After the sleigh ride we drive to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve for a guided tour. A soak at the Takhini Hot Springs is perfect end to this exciting day.

Package includes:

  • Pick-up / drop-off from down-town hotels, hostels and B&Bs.
  • Sleigh ride with hot drinks.
  • Guided tour of Yukon Wildlife Preserve
  • Admission to Takhini Hot Springs (2 hours)
  • Transfers

Price $375.00 + GST per person. (7 hours)
(Minimum 4 participants).

From December 4 2018 to March 31 2019

Taste of Snow | Multi Activity Tour.aurora borealis yukon - northern lights - multi activity

Activities that give our guests a taste of the most popular activities the Yukon has to offer! Ride on a dog sled, ride on behind a snow machine, go for a snow shoe walk and tobogganing down the snow hill!
Please NOTE: You will be passengers on the dog sled as well as the snow mobile.

Package includes:

  • Basic dogsled and snow machine instructions
  • Transfers to and from Whitehorse
  • Helmet
  • Use of snow shoes and toboggan
  • Hot drinks and snacks
  • Warm up Yurt

Price: Can $195.00 + GST per person

From December 13 to April 1, it!
Pick-up hotel: 12:15pm  -  Drop-off hotel: 4:30pm
(Whitehorse downtown hotels only!)

Rental clothing is available at $5/item; parkas, snow pants, boots, gloves

Ice Fishing  

Drill a hole in the ice, drop a line and try your luck. A warm drink and great camaraderie amidst a crisp northern afternoon makes this an unforgettable experience. Watch how much fun ice fishing is!

Package includes:

  • Transfer to/from lake from down-town hotels;
  • Basic ice fishing instructions;
  • Experienced guide;
  • Use of fishing tackle;book it!
  • 1-day Yukon fishing license;
  • Hot drinks, snacks and tall tales of the north.

Price: $ 165.00 + GST per person (3-4 hours)
(Minimum 2 participants)

From December 1 2018 to April 1 2019

Guided snowshoe walk

Learn to walk on snowshoes. It looks easy but can be quite challenging and a real workout. Bring your your camera. You'll have the opportunity to take special pictures of a frosty environment and snowy mountains.

Package includes:

  • Transfer to/from trail;
  • Basic snowshoeing instructions;
  • Guided hike;
  • Experienced guide;
  • Use of snowshoes.

Price:  $ 225.00 + GST p.p. (4 to 5 hours)
(Minimum 4 participants)

From November 1 2018 to April 1 2019

Kluane Winter Wonderland

Bring your camera! We go to Kluane National Park for a spectacular walk in the park. The breathtaking scenery of Kluane is a true winter wonderland. With a bit of luck we'll encounter some wild life along the way.

Package includes:

  • Transfer to/from Kluane;
  • Basic snowshoeing instructions;
  • Guided hike;
  • Experienced guide;
  • Use of snowshoes;
  • Lunch and hot it!

Price: $ 295.00 + GST per person  (± 8 hours)
(Minimum 4 participants)

From December 1 2018 to April 1 2019

aurora borealis tours yukon. Day trips - dog sleddingDog Sledding

We can offer you half day and full day dog sledding.
Please note that dog sledding is comparable to cross country skiing and does require you to be in relatively good physical shape.

Package includes:

  • Transfer to/from dog kennel;
  • Basic dog sledding instructions;
  • Dog sled ride;
  • Experienced guide;
  • Hot beverages after the tour.
  • Lunch on a full-day trip

Price:book it!
half day    $ 235.00 + GST per person
full day     $ 355.00 + GST per person
Winter clothing rental available

From November 12 2018 to April 1 2019

aurora borealis tours yukon. Day trips - snowmobilingSnowmobiling

Half or Full day. Snowmobiling through the Yukon's unspoiled wilderness will bring you to places you can not get to easily by foot, snowshoe, or dog team. Explore the numerous trails in the Whitehorse area by snowmobile. We serve snacks and hot drinks while en route.

Package includes:

  • 2 persons per snowmobile
  • Basic training on how to operate and ride a snowmobile safely.
  • Snow machine helmets
  • Warm winter clothing and boots if required.
  • Experienced guide
  • Emergency equipment (SAT phone,first Aid Kit).book it!

half day  $ 215.00 + GST per person
full day   $ 320.00 + GST per person

From November 12 2018 April 1 2019

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