One night Aurora Hunting

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Price: CAD $175
Every Saturday between December 1 and January 14, minimum guests is 2.
  • Prices are per person.
  • All transactions are in Canadian dollars.
  • 5% GST will be added.
1 Night
Departure Dates:
  • AH/4 2018 - Min. guests is 4
    Nov 14 2017 to Mar 31 2018
  • AH/2 2018 - on Saturdays, min. guests is 2
    Dec 2 2017 to Jan 14 2018
Required participants:
Min. 4 / Max 8
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Aurora Hunting - aurora borealis yukon

Join Nature Tours of Yukon and experience the exciting hunt for the Northern Lights. We drive to the best locations to capture that perfect photo of the Aurora Borealis.

Why Aurora hunting?
We go to great lengths to give you the best chances of seeing the magic light show from outer space. We have no fixed location and will drive to several viewing spots to give you the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Also we will go further than anyone else in Yukon to find clear sky.

Moon or no moon?
There are many rumours about moon light affecting your chances to see the Northern Lights. Some say you can't even see the Northern Lights if there is a moon.
Don't worry, that's not true at all. Moon light has no negative effect on sightings. When there is a moon, it will give a beautiful light on the mountains and forests. This creates a magnificent foreground lightning.

Full moon and northern lights Yukon

On new moon nights you will experience extreme darkness and after adjusting your eyes to the darkness and if the sky is clear, you will see millions of stars, galaxies and even some planets.

No matter if you decide to be our guest on nights with or without moon light, seeing a good Northern Lights show is always spectacular!book aurora hunting

Feel the excitement build as you hunt for the best spot to see the magical Aurora Borealis.
Maximum group size is 8, so space is limited.
Don't miss out on this exciting new way of aurora viewing. Give us a call today!!

aurora borealis yukon - yukon's great aurora hunt